Monday, November 26, 2007

Retailer Observation and Analysis

1. The store that I observed was Best Buy and I think they market to all generations but they put emphasis on marketing towards the younger generation.

a.appearance of store entrance: The entrance of Best Buy is very bright and futuristic.
b.sounds(inside the store): The sounds inside the store were very varied but modern music mostly dominated the sound. the merchandise is displayed: The merchandise is displayed out in the open so the consumers can touch and play with the merchandise.
d.floors: The floor had simplistic tiles on them which added to the overall simple and futuristic feel of the store
e.signs:The signs are very bright and simple also going along with the clean and futuristic look.
f.cashier area: The cashier area was one of the better cashier areas i have seen as it was really open and not crowded or cramped at all.

3. The image that Best Buy tries to portray is a simple, clean, and futuristic atmosphere very similar to apple.
4. The customers interacted with the stores design by taking advantage of the hands on display of the merchandise.
5. I found the design of this store interesting as they managed to keep the store simple and open even though they sell a variety of products.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Disscussion Questions Answered

In response to Kate's question I do believe a shopper can control their own shopping habits although it may be made difficult by the way stores are set up as stated in the article. I believe that if a shopper knows what they are going to the store to buy and go in with their mind set to buy only that specific product and nothing else then they will be successful.

In response to Robert's question I do not believe that sales people have as much of impact on consumers as they used to. Nowadays due to the internet there is an increasing trend of smart shoppers which means that the consumers will already know information and user opinions about the product before they even walk into the store rather than completely depending on a sales person to inform them about the product.

Discussion Question

A question that arose in my mind after reading this article is are websites like consumer reports and cnet good for our economy as they create smart shoppers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1. Packaging is very important in marketing the product. The packaging gives the consumer a description of what's inside the box, with important features and functions listed on the box. Also, it draws in consumers, based on its appeal and aesthetic sense. This factor can also be a representation of what is inside, whether or not it is elegant and appealing. For example, I never buy any hair gel that has fluorescent color schemes and prides itself on "crazy" hair, instead I buy hair gels that have a simple design, because I used to use gel for more reserved uses.

2. Nike shoeboxes are orange and white, and people immediately can recognize them as Nike products. iPods come in iconic black-and-white boxes. Pepsi has a recognizable blue packaging, and Sprite has a green bottle.

3. Getting to the product is the main usability factor with packaging. For example, Nike shoeboxes just need to be opened to reveal the product inside, but things like DVDs are impossible to get to without spending significant time and effort cutting or ripping off the plastic packaging and tearing off the security seals. The same happens for video games and CDs.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Classmates Blogs

I agree with Spencer's blog as I have seen the new Mac OS Leopard and it is very well designes and easy to use. It is aldready become a huge success aldeready and will help apple sell more computers.

I agree with Chris's blog about keep things simple as I think this is the best things that designers can do "keep it simple" I think a lot of designers forgoet about this philosophy.

I agree with Alex about the fact that products should be ergonomic as if things feel better or are easier to hold more consumers will buy the product.

Intersting Design

An untesting design that I have happend upon in Kalamazoo College is the card slide machines to get in buidings. Some of these machines have a plastic cover on top of the machine which makes it hard to slide the casrd as you have slant the card for ut to fit.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Classmates post

1. I really liked Spencer’s as the words dell implanting an Apple esegue design attracted me to the article.

2. I really found the fact that although that dell is a PC it is trying to implement the aesthetic design and long battery life that is prevalent in the macbook.

3. This website relates to many topics we have discussed in class as we have spent much time discussing the things that apple computers have done better than Pc’s in the past few years.